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YNOTU End of Summer Shenanigans!!!! (Alvord, TX)

  • Bluebonnet Nudist Park 699 County Road 1180 Alvord, Texas 76225 United States (map)

Weekend camp out is $45 plus tax covers family, couple or individual. This includes tenting and day fees for Friday, Saturday and we roll out Sunday evening.
If you went to the Nude Games this will have less sports, way more party!

Shenanigans Survival Guide: 
Even if you have registered call ahead and let Bluebonnet know you are coming. When you arrive at the gate you have to be let in so call Bluebonnet. If they don’t answer call me, Jose, just email us at when you register to let me know and I’ll give you my number. Right when you go in the gate on your right hand side is a white building, you need to stop there and check in. Once you check in tell them you want to camp with YNOTU so they will lead you to our campsite, which is by the fire pit they built for us. There will be about 150 people there Saturday so it would be in your best interest to get there Friday or you will have to park with everyone there for the 5K up the hill. The gates open at 9 am so if you have to come Saturday get there as early as possible. They will close the gates at Noon Saturday and not open until after the race. When you check in they will give you an access code to come and go when you need. Our events can take place there because the residents are awesome people so please be polite at all times. 
1. Food: If you aren’t bringing any then bring cash, $6 a meal. Otherwise it’s just like a camping trip. Clif bars are great, stuff to make s’mores if you’d like
2. Cooler and Drinks: Bring beverages AND also something to hydrate and replenish electrolytes with… Bluebonnet sells ice for $2 a bag. Wine or bottle openers if applicable but there is no glass in the pool area so bring a plastic container.
3. EARPLUGS! Not only do things go late but nature still gets up chirping at 5:30am super loud
4. Camping chairs, camping gear and/or sleeping bag. We do have a 20-person teepee available for any one to crash in should you need it, Let us know ASAP its first come first serve.
5. Hygiene stuff: there will be restrooms and showers available at all times. A small first aid kit is always a plus including Advil or Tylenol
6. Towels: bring a couple. Always sit on a towel and only on YOUR towel. A robe or sarongs come in handy as well.
7. Electrical extension cords of you require power in your tent
8. Trash bag: Leave no trace, they have a dumpster please use it.
9. Random stuff: Mosquito Repellant, sun block, flash light, sunglasses, a zip lock bag to put your phone in the event of rain, flip flops or water shoes, a set of clothes in case you need to make a Wal-Mart run, picnic blanket
10. Weather related stuff, check the weather and plan accordingly. Our events are rain or shine